Teaching Materials

Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow taught the course, Social Stratification and Mobility, at the University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland) from 2007 to 2013. The course was designed to cover the current state of the field of social stratification regarding academic and policy debates, theories, methods, and key research findings. Among the subjects we explored were class, ethnicity, gender, intersectionality, power, elites, poverty, social mobility and status attainment, children socialization and family structure, and processes of legitimation. We explored these subjects within comparative and historical frameworks. In the last few years, Josh had students write original research reports designed for online viewing. The outcome was The Inequality Project, still visible.

All classes from 2007 are archived here.  Click on the year to see the course materials.

University of Warsaw 2007 – 2008

University of Warsaw 2008 – 2009

University of Warsaw 2009 – 2010

University of Warsaw 2010 – 2011

University of Warsaw 2011 – 2012

University of Warsaw 2012 – 2013